Who Do You Think You Are?

The New Book By Nicholas Dillon

Why have I forsaken me? Your Investment in your life to this very point has manifested in relation to who you thought you were. Wrong turns in your life dictated the avenues you traveled and your destination of your journey left a traceable mind map. Could it be that simple? Could I really change avenues of direction from what I don’t want in my life and continue life’s journey to what I do want? Does the mind have that kind of power?

Nicholas Dillon, author of Who Do You Think You Are?- The Power of Believing in Yourself“, can trace his actions that positioned where he is today doing what he enjoys and doing it with a passion that can only come from the power of believing with redefined thinking.

In the past century the New Age Thinking masters have laid the groundwork for their powerful observations of you to become what you think about, but their serious revelations became so watered down by the marketers of motivational hype that we’ve lost their truest and most powerful revelations. Thoughts do indeed become things so the warning to be careful of what you think about became a cliché statement.

Nicholas peels off the layers of whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve statements and simplifies the message of what drives your thoughts and behavior. Just who does he think he is? Nicholas is mission driven to bring clarity to your topographic mind map. He is a Milwaukee native with a Bachelors of Arts in Communication and a Masters in Adult Education.

An early career in Insurance and Risk Management has prepared him for the multifaceted professional he has become. A family man, educator, consultant and professional coach that altered his road-map through the methods he shares in his book.

The Law of Attraction that you’ve heard or read so much about does make for some great reading and or audio presentations along with video marketing programs; however, the true meaning that puts your thoughts into motion to become things that will bring clarity and manifestations in your life experience is lost in their overbearing marketing complexities.

Nicholas brings it down to simplicity. Do you think it has been by chance that you are reading about and considering a purchase of this book? Your frame of reference brought you here in the now. You are asking for change, you feel a lack of that something you feel would launch you into a new you if you could just attract to you somehow those things that you do want. If only someone could show you how they did it in real life.

Here is your reference point to begin that journey by first exploring your frame of reference of Who Do You Think You Are?

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